Book Tour: The Promise by Emily Shiner

Title: The Promise
Author: Emily Shiner
Publisher: Inkubator Books
My Rating: 4/5

A huge thank you to Zooloos Book tours, the author and the publisher for allowing me to be part of the book tour.


Scott would do anything to protect his wife which is why he keeps track of her every move. When he learns there is a chance Erin could develop kidney failure, he vows to shield her from the truth, making sure he finds a donor at any cost. This leads to Kathleen coming into their life, she is a perfect match for Erin, but there is one big problem, she has no intention of becoming a donor. Scott is confident he will get his own way, what he doesn’t know is that Kathleen too has her own agenda and she doesn’t care who she hurts to get what she wants. Lives hang in the balance as Erin and Kathleen become connected by a terrible promise but who will pay the price?


I love how gripping this front cover is, it instantly caught my attention and then the description screamed out to me that this would be my kind of psychological thriller, I really couldn’t wait to read, I was eager to dive in and see what this huge twist would be!

The prologue did a brilliant job at hooking me in, it made me very excited as to what was to come. The story jumps in perspective but this is clear and easy to follow and I love that this story was told this way as I could really get in to the heads of the characters and they were very interesting to say the least! I really enjoyed how emotionally unstable some of these characters were and Scott really did manage to get under my skin.

I like how it didn’t take long at all for the lies and deceit to kick in with this read and I really felt like I wanted to dive in and rescue Erin and Cora because of this. I also loved how 50% through, I was still genuinely unsure as to how this would unfold, I love a book that can keep you guessing. This was a read you just want to end, because you’re so eager for the climax, I was on edge right until the very end.

I loved the concept of this plot, it kept me hooked from the beginning and I devoured it in 2 sittings. It was well written and I really enjoyed the authors writing, I would most certainly be interested in reading more of her work!

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