Book Tour: The Perfect Home by Kevin Lynch

Title: The Perfect Home
Author: Kevin Lynch
Publisher: Inkubator Books
Pages: 266
My Rating: 3/5

A huge thank you to Zooloos Book tours, the author and the publisher for allowing me to be part of the book tour.


June is happy in her beautiful home; the rooms are filled with memories both beautiful and painful. June adores her garden; she gets on well with her neighbours and enjoys living in this grassy suburb. But suddenly, things begin to change and June doesn’t like it. There’s a new guy across the street and he looks like the rough criminal kind and her daughter Cathy becomes smitten with him. Then he son, once friendly becomes sullen and secretive. And now, her ex-husband keeps turning up, it is like he is stalking her. Things continue to decline when a friendly neighbour is brutally murdered, June is struggling with all these events but soon learns that they are all connected and she too is in danger, because someone wants her gone!


The eye-catching front cover of this book caught my attention as it screamed out my usual thriller, then I read the description and I definitely liked what I heard, I couldn’t wait to dive right in.

I like how the prologue grabs your attention but then doesn’t give much away, making you excited for the story to come. The first thing I noticed with this book is how I instantly could feel June’s frustrations, I honestly felt like punching some of the characters for her.

I enjoyed how the author did get me questioning my judgements with some characters, were they really all that bad? I was I being quick to make my mind up that they weren’t to be trusted. I was interested to see how it would all unravel.

The author did a good job at creating a tense atmosphere, which I could feel building. However, I did find the story a little predictable, I knew what was coming but I wouldn’t say this spoilt the read for me.

I did find this to be a slow burner, which I think suited the story line, building up that tension but I would of loved if the ending was slightly more dramatic and bigger, it ended a bit abruptly for me and my weird dark side would have loved more.

The author really can set a scene and I connected well with his writing style, I would be interested in exploring more of his word.

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